Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beginning.

Imagine a place with me, if you will...

...a place for my two cents, and for yours...a place were ideas turn into conversations that, in turn, result in relationships...a place where, for lack of a more effective avenue, I can attempt to document, through text, the way that my brain processes life around me...that place is now real, my friends...and that place is HERE.

For better or for worse, I have created (along with the assistance of my supremely beautiful and talented girlfriend) this space where I will be sharing with you emotions, activities, ups and downs, interests, etc. and my "Thoughts" relating to all of the madness.

With that, I am ecstatic to welcome you to Thoughts. A Novel by Mitch Kuns. Read. Absorb. Enjoy.



  1. I raise a tall mug in your honour sir...let the thoughts flow like whistling pig on tap...

  2. La la la la la la!

    I'm excited to read what you write. Type. Whatever.

    PS. me me me me me me me